We finally have our first visitor. My brother Troy made the trip to Costa Rica to visit us for a month. Now that we feel like we are somewhat experts, we will be able to take him to most of the “must see” destinations. We have trips planned to Nicaragua, La Fortuna, Guanacaste (Playa Coco), Jaco, Manuel Antonio, San Jose, Punta Leona, and of course numerous spots here in the Central Valley. We also hope to get at least one round of golf in.

I just wanted to add, that I found the guy who ripped us off at the San Jose airport, I decided to take a few pictures for everyone, so they know to avoid this guy. He will act super helpful, knows pretty good English, and try to assist you. Then he will make up a total lie to get money from you and then disappear. Here are the pictures… AVOID THIS GUY!



Troy’s first day here we decided to take him to the waterfalls at Los Chorros, it is only about a 30 minute drive, and it is an amazing destination.



Troy decided he wanted to make a guest post on here, so here it is below. I am sure we will have a few cool posts to share while he is here.

    Hello everyone.  I’m am writing to you from Costa Rica.  I came down to visit for a few weeks, so now you will have someone to verify and confirm all of the previous posts that Grant and Gigi have been making.

    First off, I’ll answer everyone’s most important question:  No, I did not get to meet Chico the baby chihuahua.  Trust me, no one was more disappointed than me.

    Second, I love Costa Rica.  Its is wonderful here.  Grant and Gigi’s house is in this beautiful little subdivision with an incredible view.  Its gets very warm during the days, but not the oppressive heat like an august in Orlando.  There is always a little breeze and the sun seems to always be at a “12 o’clock” height.  It usually gets cloudy and rainy during the afternoons, but its not much, and its perfect during the evenings.  It gets cool and breezy, almost chilly, and you always want to be outside.  Its terrific here.

    There is a family of hummingbirds that live in the flowers below Grant and Gigi’s porch, and there are lines of “leaf-cutter” ants all over the place.  They are seriously neat to look at, plus they don’t bite.  The kids are lovin having me here (and why wouldn’t they?  I rule.) and we’ve been doing some really cool stuff everyday I’ve been here.

    We went to a HUGE waterfall, saw a ridiculously big snake exhibit, celebrated the Costa Rican Independence Day,  and took a trip into San Jose which is Costa Rica’s largest city.  It reminded me of the part of Baltimore you don’t go into.

    Grecia, the town Grant and Gigi live in is great though.  It is like a bigger Minersville.  Everything is walking distance, there’s little shops on every street, and the people are very friendly. I really like it.  Nobody speaks English there, and I am NOT a very good Spanish speaker.

    Right now I’m writing this at a resort in La Fortuna which is a small town right by an active volcano.  Its beautiful.  We had to make a quick run to Nicaragua to reset our visas and we stopped here for a few nights on the way back.  TM loves the slides here, and MK and GL love the heated pools.  My Spanish is getting better slowly and I’m already thinking about extending my stay a while longer.  I’ll write more when I know more.  Hope everyone is doing awesome back in the states.

    – Troy

Of course we all know the main reason he came to visit was to chill with these three:




Till next time!

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