After spending 9 days at beautiful Jaco Beach, we really had to make a decision on what we were going to do about finding a house. Most of our time at the beach was spent relaxing, and very little time and energy was devoted to house hunting (which was such a nice change of pace). Time was running out and we had to make a decision, since we had no plans on where to go after our week at the beach condo was over. We discussed all the houses that we had seen the past couple weeks, and we finally think we’ve made a decision.

A nice home

It’s a beautifully furnished house in a nice gated community. The views are AMAZING and there is a nice size lot for the kids to run around and play. We have access to a pool and playground at the condominiums right next door. One of the best parts is that it just happens to be right next door to some good friends that we made who also have kids! There really are a lot of great things about this house, the only downfall is that it is a 2 bedroom. Coming from a 3300 sq ft home, this is a pretty big adjustment. Not to mention, from what I’ve learned there aren’t really any good private schools close by, so there is a good possibility that I would be homeschooling (which was a possibility in my mind coming here, but not my first choice). Luckily, my friend next door also homeschools her kids (one which just happens to be in TM’s grade), so there is opportunity for us to help each other a little.



Definitely a spacious living area.


Master bedroom (Which the kids would actually share, we would have to get another bed).


The gorgeous view from one of the porches.


Big back yard.


We have to be sure

The day before we were suppose to move in the house I received a call from a real estate agent letting me know of another house that was just coming on the market, but wasn’t going to be available to show until next week. This is a 5 bedroom partially furnished house in a different town, about 15 minutes from the first house (the price was comparable, slightly more). The pictures looked nice and although it didn’t have a lot of the same pros as the other one (big yard, pool access, friends next door) it was much bigger and a bit closer to private schools. We just couldn’t lock ourselves into anything without considering all of our options first.

I spoke with Melissa, our agent, and she was nice enough to speak to the owner and make a deal with us. We are paying for one week in the 2 bedroom home, then we will make our final decision. This will give us a chance to see if the home is comfortable enough for the 5 of us, and also allows us to view the other house before we make any decisions. It was truly a blessing after feeling so stressed to make a decision! We are really liking this house we’re in now, and we think we can make it work, but we’re exploring all of our options before making a decision.

Melissa has been diligent and very helpful, along with all of the other real estate agents that have helped us. If you are ever in need of an agent in the Central Valley area, here are some contacts that have been very helpful for us.

Melissa (Grecia)  8309-6326
Chris (Grecia)  8801-4112
Dennis Easters (Atenas) 8854-7721
Roberto Muggli (Atenas) 2446-4929
Marian (Atenas) 2446-0189
Harmony (Escazu) 8706-4388
David Karr (Jaco)
Myron (Jaco) 8301-5666

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