We woke up pretty early on Saturday, and decided to try the local church. It was a 100% spanish speaking so that was a little tough on myself and the kids, but it was a nice environment and a lot of nice people.

After that we decided to head over to weekend Grecia’s feria (farmer’s market), this is where all the local farmers bring their produce, meat, and more. It goes from Friday at 4am, till Saturday at 6pm. The prices are great, it is packed, and is a very popular destination for almost all residents in Grecia. It also is a place I can practice my Spanish.


We stumbled on some fresh coconuts, and got one to see if the kids would like it. MK tried it first and was not too impressed…



After watching MK, TM  decided to pass,.

Next up was my turn and GL’s turn. I thought it was great, and I am actually a pretty big fan of coconut water. I also heard today in Jaco Beach, that coconut water is a major weapon against a hangover. ** I haven’t tried it yet, so could just be another “magical” hangover cure.

Of course GL had to hold it himself, but he did enjoy it…



We left the market with probably close to 30 pounds of produce for around $25 USD. We also grabbed some fresh tortilla chips that were made that morning and Gigi made some fresh Guacamole for dinner.

One of the reasons, we bought so much produce is for new hobby of “juicing”. If you aren’t familiar, it is kinda like a smoothie but all juice from fruits and vegetables, you don’t add anything else.  As one our goals to become healthier and better eaters, juicing is a step in the right direction.

I was able to load up my Omega 8006 juicer into one of our extra bags, so this was it’s first run in Costa Rica.

I decided on a Mustard Greens, Spinach, Apple (both green and red), ginger, cucumber, and lime. (I thought I was buying lemons at the market, but they were actually limes)

Here is what is looks like before and after cutting:



Here is what it looks like during the extraction process and after all of it is juiced.



Here are two happy juicers, enjoying their juice!


Quick tip: I do not recommend juicing mustard greens, they are very strong, and makes the juice almost too spicy to drink. I could not find Kale at the market, so I substituted them. Once I am done with this batch, I will not be juicing mustard greens again.


We continued our house hunting journey, and found a nice house with a huge backyard. I thought it was a little rural for me, but Gigi and the kids enjoyed. We are still looking though.

Then we had dinner at a new found friends house that we met in coffee shop in downtown Grecia. They also have 3 children, so hopefully we will be spending more time with them.

Have a great evening!

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