We’ve started house hunting and the process has not been the easiest. The rental inventory is very low, and there just isn’t much out there that fits our needs. Apparently there are lots of people who have the same idea as we do, and this area is very popular for foreigners like us who are looking to relocate to this country.

There are way more 2 bedrooms available, that seems to be the norm around here. Being a family of 5, we would definitely need at least 3 bedrooms to be comfortable. We would like to have space to accommodate our friends and family when they come to visit, and Grant would need a space for his office. Anything less than 3 bedrooms just wouldn’t work. We would also like something that has nice views. We’ve moved all the way out here to beautiful Costa Rica, I surely want something beautiful to look at when I wake up every morning. A pool would be nice, but not a deal breaker. We’re also looking for something furnished; since this is not a permanent move, we just don’t think we would be willing to spend all the time and energy to furnish a home, even if it does end up saving us a few bucks (not to mention trying to sell all of the stuff once it’s time to move). And of course there is a budget; originally we came here with a budget of $1000 per month. Typically that could get you a nice home that fits all of our needs, the problem just comes down to inventory.  There just isn’t much out there.

So far we’ve looked at houses in Grecia and Atenas, two adjacent towns that we liked. We have seen a few houses below our budget, but they don’t really fit our needs. Either they are in an area that is way too congested (I want to get to know my neighbors, but not THAT well), or they don’t have hot water throughout the whole house, or they’re very dark (I guess this keeps the house cooler). On the other hand, we’ve seen a beautiful home that would fit all of our needs, it’s just over what we want to spend (way over).

We still have a few houses that we’re scheduled to see. We are even heading out to the beach to see some places out there. I have also spoken to a couple Americans who live here who have been really nice and helpful, giving tips and places they have heard that are available for rent. We’re trying not to get discouraged, and enjoy our first week here despite any obstacles. Hey, nobody ever said house hunting was fun! This kids seems to be having a good time on our search. TM is of course the most opinionated, being the oldest. I keep having to remind him that he doesn’t have the last say 🙂 MK really likes all of the dogs; it seems everyone has a dog here, and there are also a lot of strays. GL is just going along for the ride, although sometimes he just can’t keep up (as you can see him napping under the banana tree).





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