If you haven’t read the post about GL, I’ve think  we’ve created a monkey, go ahead and check it out now. Not much has changed since that post, and he continues to swing and climb just about on everything he can get his hands on. I would have at least 8 additional pictures if I would have been able to get my camera out quick enough. Here we go…

He found a bar that pool.


A random hand rail inside of KFC.


Another random hand rail…


I had to lift him up the branch, but it wasn’t until numerous requests by him. “Up, Up, Up, Up, Up”, if you don’t lift him up, it will not stop…


I was in the kitchen a few days ago, and I heard a little noise but not too much, I turn around and not only did he drag the step stool over,  but he then was able to climb himself up and sit on the counter. He is strong and has little fear.


I don’t know how he has the time for anything else while always searching for hand rails and things to climb on, but he has become quite the ladies man as well. By the way, nobody told them to hold hands.


GL sits down at the Escazu mall play area, a few minutes later a friend crawls over to say “hello” and attempt to kiss him.


As Gigi posted, when everyone else was greeting and chatting at the elderly home, GL was doing his own thing.


Back to the monkey topic, TM is not a slouch when it comes to climbing…



Until next time

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