I did a previous “office” post and it is kinda funny how similar they are. Both are in rocking chairs and have small tables as desks. Here is the new office.




I have amazing views and this balcony is located right near the router.

I get a lot of questions about how I stay connected with the office and everything else back home. Here is how I do it.

Great Staff
First off, I have a great staff back at the Apopka office. We planned a few months before the move how we would keep everything running efficiently, and so far everything is going smooth. I do miss seeing everyone on a daily basis, but we always keep the communication  active.

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy
When doing our research, we read to bring an unblocked phone to setup cell service here. I brought the galaxy and Gigi brought an iPhone. Both of these give us the ability to always have email and apps available.

We went with Movistar cell service and we’ve been happy with it so far. The cell service is just local phone and text and is prepaid, but can be “recharged” very easily almost anywhere. They also offer data, but being that so many places offer Wifi we only use the talk and text.

Google Apps for Business
Online Growth uses Google apps, basically Gmail for email. I have the account I synched to my phone so I can respond quickly from anywhere with Wifi. Everyone in the office is logged into their Google account at all times so we do a lot of talking via their chat feature (instant messaging).

Talkatone and Google Voice
I have a local (Orlando area) Google voice number that I can call and receive calls to and from the USA. Wifi is required but this is a great way to make important calls and send text messages. **Tip ** if you are going to be traveling abroad make sure you setup a Google voice number before you leave. They don’t allow other country IP addresses to setup a USA based number. At the office we also have an international plan for Google voice that the team can also use to call me on my Costa Rica number for urgent matters.

Dropbox for sharing files
One of our first non Google products. We use Dropbox for all of us to share spreadsheets, important docs, etc.

Google Video chat
We use Google video chat to chat with the grandparents. It is very similar to Skype or Facetime.

Here is a funny story; when we were in downtown Grecia to pick up a uniform for TM’s school ,we parked right outside of a barber shop. Mia was looking at the sign and said “Hey Daddy, you should get an apple on your head”. I glanced over and saw this sign:


I thought about it that night and said, why don’t I get the Online Growth tree.


The next day, I headed back to the barber with one of my logo shirts, and about 30 minutes later I had this:



I was amazed of the quality, this barber is pro. Gigi was not too happy, but it will always grow in.

I think that is about it. I am actually typing this while riding a bus into San Jose. Saving it as a Gmail draft.

Till next time…

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