We took a quick trip the beach on Monday, to take a look at two rental properties. They were both in Playa Herradura, which is on the pacific coast and the beach right next to Jaco beach.

One condo that we saw was very nice, had a great pool, and was only a few years old. I thought it would be perfect for us, but Gigi is not a huge fan of the beach. It also is extremely hot out there, and how the tide breaks it is dark rocky sand, not a soft light sand like we are use to in New Smyrna. We still may consider the area as there are 2 schools close bye that also had some good reviews.

I didn’t take many pics with my phone, so I will share what I have. We do have a bunch of the camera and we will be uploading a few “picture posts” soon.

The drive out there has amazing scenery, I actually recorded a few videos of the drive, and will post those as soon as I can.

These first 3 were actually taken at Jaco Beach, we visited both beaches while we were in the area.



Taylor looking swole! (Swole means muscular/strong)


We did stop at a crocodile infested river on the way which was also pretty cool. More pictures from that will be posted soon. Here are some of the views from the ride home.



The beach was about an hour and half each way from Grecia. It was a long day, and we really didn’t get much time on the beach at all. It was mainly too look at the rentals and see the area. We plan to return soon so that we can enjoy some swimming and beach/pool time.

Tuesday was kind of a blur for me, I think we pretty much relaxed most of the day. Did more online house hunting and talking with real estate agents. Happy Birthday Big Troy!

Yesterday, we viewed two more rentals in the town of Atenas. We seem to be leaning towards that area over Grecia. They are pretty similar but Atenas has more pools, is a little smaller, and is a little more convenient to places like the beach and San Jose.

One of the houses was really nice, but had a floor plan that wouldn’t really work for us (the 3rd bedroom wasn’t fully connected to the house). The other one was in the downtown area, which I liked, but brings more noise and less scenery.

The overall house hunting has been tough and kind of frustrating. The inventory is low right now, maybe we are being picky, but things have been a little stressful the last few days.

We then were able to pick up a rental car for the next 2 weeks, which will be great and we will be able to do a little more exploring on our own.

Tip – Driving here is crazy. No street signs, bad roads, hard to park, lots of one way roads, and bad drivers. I heard from others it takes a little time to get use, so we will see.

Here is a view of downtown Atenas from an ice cream shop we stopped at.


Until next time!

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