When we were first planning our trip to Costa Rica we researched the possibility of getting of car, but figured we would be able to get around using the public transportation, cabs, and then renting a car for longer trips. That plan did not last long.

We learned right away, that having a car was essential. Traveling all over the country, making Walmart trips, and just getting around in general requires your own transportation. We have yet to ride a public bus, even though they go EVERYWHERE, and we have heard they are very reliable. It just seems it would be tough as a family of 5, to wait at bus stops, longer rides, etc.. Now, that we are getting settled in, I would like to do some more exploring on my own via the bus system.

Enough about the buses. After renting a car for 4 weeks, we knew we needed to purchase our own with the intent to sell when we are ready to leave. It makes a lot more financial sense. We did our research and decided a 7 passenger would be the best option because it would give us a little more room and also we would be able to transport visitors. So start booking your tickets now!

Here is our new car…


It is a 4×4 that runs on diesel, so power is good for the hills, dirt roads, and mountains. Chief from the CG Squad will love the exhaust on the hood of the car.


We spent more than we planned but we wanted something reliable and newer. Driving around the country and making planned visits to both Panama and Nicaragua, reliability is very important.

Spanish Language Classes

One of my goals for this trip is to get a good grasp of the Spanish language. I thought it would be a little easier just being here, but that has not been the case.

I recently started private Spanish speaking lessons 3 times a week. I am probably gonna bump that up to 4 times a week to speed up the process. Once I get a bunch of the basics, I will then probably go 1-2 times a week for the reminder of our time in Costa Rica. The key is practice, practice, practice. My Spanish is pretty basic now but I am getting more confident each and every day.

Gigi is on-board as well, and will be speaking more and more Spanish around the house on a daily basis. This is one area we have been slacking long before we even came to Costa Rica.

Getting more and more settled

We are finally starting to get into some routines now that we have found a semi-permanent house. The next few weeks we will get even more organized which will be good for all us.

Kids are doing great, and are spending a lot more time playing outside and enjoying their neighbors.


After playing they all like to have a little quiet time…

TM is quite tech savvy, as you can see he is on the tablet, but right behind him is his laptop and his IPOD. Oh yeah almost forgot, the remote to the tv.


MK has been really enjoying her painting. She also reminds her Nana every time she talks to her to “bring paint” when she comes to visit.


GL on the other hand enjoys his own type of quiet time…


We are off to sugar cane plantation tomorrow, so that should be interesting.

Have a great weekend!

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