This will be a shorter post, as we are pretty busy house hunting.

As most of you know, I have a web based company that does web development, web design, and domain names. It is key for me to be able to communicate back and forth with my team to make sure everything is running smoothly. Just want to add, that Scott, Arik, and Janie are doing a fantastic job back at OG headquarters.

Here is my current work setup/office:


The bed and breakfast has this nice back area, with a nice sitting area, and stable WIFI. It is great sitting back here watching the humming birds with a breeze, and still getting work done.

They also have a porch area in the front if I want to work and watch the hustle of bustle of the city. Both are nice, but I think I prefer it back here a little. Only con is that there are limited power outlets, so if I don’t fully charge my laptop in advance, I end up back inside.

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