This weekend was pretty busy. Saturday we got up pretty early and headed down to the market, we picked up a lot of fresh produce again, and the kids enjoy walking around, getting fresh air,  and seeing everything.

We have had this fruit in the states before, but I guess there are two types, as we never had the kind that looks like a porcupine.  The fruit is called mamones, and kinda tastes like a grape, but has a slimy/jelly type texture. I will let MK show you how they work, as this is probably her new favorite fruit.


You then take the fruit and kind of break it in the middle with your nails, almost as thick skin as an orange, but easier to break open.


You then take the fruit out of the “shell”…


You can simply discard the shell, and enjoy the fruit, there is a very large seed in the middle. MK will eat around the fruit, I prefer to put the whole thing in my mouth and eat the fruit off of the seed.


Almost tastes like a desert and is very refreshing!


While we are on the subject of fruit, last week we decided to go to the mall in Grecia and enjoy some of America’s finest food. The 5 of us enjoyed a mixture of McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

TM found something he thought was pretty cool, in the states they have Apple Dippers with their happy meals, and here in Costa Rica they have Pineapple dippers…


Till next time!

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