Just wanted to make another quick post and share some pics.

After a few tough weeks, the kids are really starting to get adjusted and have been enjoying the journey as well. Sometimes we forget that they also may be having a tough time and may be a little stressed. We gotta keep leading by example and showering them with love.

One quick question, why are they so stinkin cute?


TM playing on the swing set on Jaco Beach.


MK got a hold of my cell phone camera, and this funny pic came out.


GL on the beach of Playa Leona enjoying a snack. BTW, he eats a ton of sand while snacking on beach.


TM in a fresh water river that runs into the ocean…


MK and her new friend at the Butterfly Garden, they had a blast.


Big Brother and Little Brother (GL looks a little confused?)


Big Sister and Little Brother (No confusion here…)


GL in a swing by himself for the first time. I know he looks a little angry, but he is not. I think the sun was in his eyes a little.


Don’t worry, we will have tons of more great shots, and Gigi is working on a post about the kids as well.

Till next time…

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