The last few days have been both relaxing and enjoyable. We are at the beach and in the swimming pool everyday, which keeps them busy and wears them out.

The WIFI is good at our condo rental so I have been able to catch up on a few work related issues. I am still not on a consistent schedule but we are treating these 9 days as time to relax and figure out what area we are going to live in.

Jaco Beach Tip – The water here in Jaco is drinkable, but we have all had some stomach issues the last 2 days, so we are switching back to bottled water for the remaining of our time here.  If you are only here on vacation, stick with bottle water. We have heard your stomach can adjust overtime, but I wouldn’t risk it.

We are about to walk over to beach now, so I will make this post pretty short.

Here is a view of the pool from condo, MK and GL have been loving the pool.

Jaco Beach towards the evening is pretty awesome.


GL playing in the sand, I know it looks almost like dirt/mud, but it is just dark sand…


As most of you know, GL loves birds. “Bird” was one of his first words and he will also point at them when he sees them. When were waiting for our sushi, I took him for a walk down the block when we stumbled upon a ton of birds. He was speechless for the next few minutes, it was like his whole brain shut down from bird overload.

The next day, TM and I were gonna do surf lessons. When we arrived at the area it was a little choppy/rainy, so we decided to pass on the lessons. I think we are going to try again early next week. In the meantime we found a playground on the beach. TM wanted to do a couple “jump offs” off the swing.


His first jump was unsuccessful, as he got a little taste of the sand…


He then regained his footing on his other jumps!


Here are a couple of miscellaneous pictures from around Jaco Beach.


They have rivers that flow from the mountains into the ocean which creates an interesting area for the kids to play. Some people say a lot of trash comes from the river into the ocean, but we didn’t see any. There were a bunch of people that were enjoying this area.


TM having a blast…


The pictures may look a little dark, as we have had a bunch of overcast days. Hopefully the sun will come out in full force the next few days.

Off to the beach!

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