We live only about 25 minutes away from the airport, which is located in the city of Alajuela. (Yes the airport is called San Jose International, but it is not located in San Jose, it is about 2o minutes away from San Jose in Alajuela). Alajuela is a large city and has a lot of stores that we like to visit like Pricemart (Costc0), Walmart, Pequeno Mondo (A bigger Big Lots), and also a handful of restaurants.

Almost every time we drive to that area, we notice people parked near the airport fences watching the planes land and take off. We stopped one time, and it was pretty interesting. We also noticed there was a park across the street with a field, playground, etc..  We decided it would be cool to let the kids play in the park, watch the planes, and then we would grab something to eat while in the area. When we arrived at the park we noticed they had a couple individuals with horses and offer rides (more like walks), but since our kids haven’t been on horse before we figured it would be a good time. Rides were only 1000 colones each, which is roughly $2, hard to beat that.

TM and MK, eying their horses.


TM jumped right up, and wasn’t hesitant at all. They weren’t super large horses, so I think he felt a little more secure riding one.


MK was pretty scared at first, but she was a trooper and enjoyed it once on the horse for a few minutes.


They just went on a circular walk around the park, and never did trot or pick up any speed. TM said it was a little boring and that he wanted to go faster, but I explained once they start trotting he would have been a bit surprised.


I was trying to film the a plane taking off, and the video came out pretty funny. First you can see the location, we are literally right across the street from the airport. The plane is loud and the highway is close. Around the 0:34 mark, MK’s horse decides to stop and fertilize the grass, MK has no clue what is going on, but TM makes sure to tell her.

The guy with the horses kept telling Gigi that Gavin could ride, but we did not feel comfortable with that. We then tried to get him on for  a pic, and that didn’t work out too well either. He did like petting the horse though.


After the ride, we found a little playground in the same park. This was a really old school playground almost all metal, but the kids still enjoyed themselves.


Costa Rica Tip: The entrance to the parking lot is kinda hidden. Head passed the airport like you are going toward San Jose. Then basically hook a U-turn at the Dennys/Hampton Inn light, you will see a small non-paved road with an old metal gate on each side. There is plenty of parking.

Right across the street from this park is where I found a playground for me… The Fiesta Casino of course!


We checked it out the other night with Troy and some friends. It is not up to Vegas standards (but what is), but they had plenty of different games, reasonable stakes, and friendly staff.

World of Snakes

We also made a visit to World Of Snakes in Grecia (Which is the city we live in). We had seen World of Snakes many time and finally found some time to go. We went with our friends from next door, and although it wasn’t a large place it was loaded with snakes! Snakes from all across the globe and all different sizes. They also had a few other reptiles, but mainly just lots of snakes. It is  setup like a long hallway of cages, it is nice cause people can jump around but still be in the same area.


Each cage had information about the snake, including type, location, venomous/non, etc.. In both English and Spanish. Here is a boa, not sure the type though..


GL enjoying getting pretty close to a caymen (we just say GL, go see the alligator)


Next, an employee of World of Snakes brought out a rainbow boa for us to hold. This was one of the most amazing looking snakes I have ever seen. When the sun would hit his skin he would shine like a rainbow, pretty amazing. MK was super brave with the snake!


MK and her good friend AF.


Next, the employee asked us if she could put the snake around our necks. Troy and TM declined, but MK was up for it. Gigi was very hesitant at first to have the snake on MK, but she decided to go with it.


Gigi was up next, and was surprisingly comfortable with the snake.


Maybe even a little too comfortable…


Next it was my turn, I am not sure if the snake was  getting a little tired, but he wrapped pretty tight around my neck.


MK still wanted to hold the snake more, and GL  would pet him just a tiny bit. As you can see, he looks a little confused.


Overall, we had a great time and would visit again.

Until next time…

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