We decided to finally do a a tourist event, and we thought the Crocodile feeding tour would be fun for everyone. We had already seen the gigantic crocodiles from the Tarcoles bridge on the way to Jaco but we wanted to see them up close. We decided on the “Crocodile Man” tour which had great reviews, it is one of 3 companies that offers river tours but the only one that is Costa Rican owned.

The boats are pretty low to the water and the water was very murky during our tour, so the kids were a little nervous at first.


It is a tidal river, this was low tide, but you still couldn’t see what was lurking below…

Our Brandon Cordial look-alike guide jumps off the boat and starts slapping the water to bait the crocodile. Nice jorts.


Here is a good video of the action, our memory card on the camera was full, so I had to use the phone for the video.

After the first feeding we moved to another location where he fed a crocodile from the shore, you can really see how big the croc is.

After the on shore feeding another crocodile popped up right next to the boat. I have never been this close, I was less than 3 feet away.

We saw many birds, mangroves, a tour of where the river meets the ocean, and baby crocodiles. It was an interesting and fun experience, I am sure we will do it again when people come to visit. TM is a big crocodile fan!


Here is another cool video, we also have some more pictures we may post in a follow up post. I am being lazy now and do not feel like connecting the camera, etc.. We also have to leave to the beach now. One Year Off continues…

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