Sorry for delay in posting, lots of different things going on.

Our friends from Grecia came out to visit us in Jaco, so that was fun. They have lived in Costa Rica for 3 years so they have a lot of knowledge and tips to share with us.

They told us of a very nice “white sand” beach about a 10-15 minute drive from Jaco. The beach is part of a resort (Punta Leona) but is also open to the public. It is kinda hidden and hard to get, (a long rock/sand road ), but overall it was worth it. The beach is protected by both sides so the water is very clam, and literally only small waves. Water was warm, sand was soft, and kids could swim without the worries of some of the larger waves at Jaco Beach.



The kids had a blast, there was also a river coming down from the mountain which added another area to keep the kids busy. GL loved playing with the rocks in the river.


What I thought was cool was not only does it have nice soft sand, but also has like a rock area further down the beach. We saw hermit crabs, little fish, and more.


There is also a little rock area, that you have to climb up to cut thru to “Playa Blanco”, we were all gonna go, but the trek is a little tough for the little ones, so I decided to check it out my own.

Here is the cut thru.


Once you get up the rocks, the view is amazing…



This beach was more crowded, but has some of the “whitest” sand in the area, and has decent waves as well. We will return to this beach for sure.


We all went out to dinner that night to a place called the Taco Bar, the food was pretty good, but the one cool things is the seats are swings. The kids loved them.

TM chilling in his swing.


Till next time!

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